All About MOFIA Pickleball

What is MOFIA Pickleball? To put it simply, My Other Family Is At Pickleball! We love pickleball and always leave a practice or event wanting more. Have you ever wished that you could have captured that great dinking game or the match winning power shot? Just like family, MOFIA Pickleball is there for you! All you have to do is play and we take care of the rest. We’ll record every shot of every game of your event in high definition for you to enjoy and share over and over!

Customer Reviews

My partner and I were out at dinner after a day of playing some great games at GCSG 2018 and were lamenting the fact there was no record of them when a friend told us about MofiaPickleball.

After a visit to their booth the next day to order we were soon in possession of a link to our matches.

Very pleased with the video quality and also how quickly Steve was able to do the work so when we are old(er) we can admire how athletic we used to be.

Highly recommended!

Mark A

Received and love it. Great quality!

Jeff S.

Thanks Steve. The quality is great.


Thank you, love my videos! Great tool for improving my game!

Jim R

I love this video. I've watched it several times and I keep noticing areas we can improve. It's not only my first Tourney match but it's helping me and my partner to see areas we need to work on. This should be a regular tool for serious players…not just for the glory of the wins but especially the games they lose to see what they need to do to win consistently.

Gary F